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The“Special Lecture” series initiative involves academic lectures by invited scholars on key academic themes. Lectures under the theme facilitates an exploration of the ‘state of the art’ in various branches of Political Science and other disciplines. The lectures also are conceptualized keeping in perspective the overall academic and professional requirements of students. These are the lectures that have been organized under the banner:




23rd Aug. 2016

Dr. Naved Jamal

Importance of Political Theory in Contemporary Times

24th Aug. 2016

Dr. E. Venkatesu

Political Science Emerging Trends

25th Aug. 2016

Dr. V. Vasundhara Devi

International Politics in Contemporary Times

21st Oct. 2016

Dr. Ajay Gudavarthy

How India is Doing

9th Nov. 2016

Dr Md. Fahim Akhtar

Human Rights and Islam

6th March 2017

Ms. Rukhsar Saleem

Personality Development

21st April 2017

Dr. Upendra Chowdhury

Thinking Beyond the Stalemate in India-Pakistan Relations

24th April 2017

Mr Shahnawaz Qasim

Role of Academicians and Students in Nation Building

21st Aug. 2017

Mr Shahnawaz Qasim

Ideological Reasons Behind the Development of Naxalism and Terrorism

26th Oct 2017

Dr. Md. Sami Siddiqui

Political Journey of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

13th April 2018

Dr. Anaya Vajpeyi

Understanding Relevance of Ambedkar in Contemporary India

23rd March, 2018

Mr. Shadan Zeb Khan


Interactive Session

18th October 2018

Dr. B. Jagannatham



Process and


In Telangana

30th Jan. 2019

Prof. B.K. Nagla

Globalization and its Impact on Indian Society

1st Feb. 2019

Dr. Upendra Choudhury

IMPRESS (Impactful Policy Research in Social Science)

19th Aug. 2019

Prof. Moosa Jamal


Africa in World Politics

6th Sep. 2019

Dr. Omair Anas


Middle East at Crossroads

14th Nov. 2019

Dr. Kamaran M.K. Mondal

Palestine and Israel conflict: Contemporary Dimensions