Aim and Functions


To implement a strategic plan aiming to develop research that is recognised by peers as world leading, contributing to major advances in knowledge, and has impact. Achieving this aim relies on creating a shared culture that values people and provides leadership within a congenial working environment built on collaboration, communication and coordination.


  • · Formulate a research strategy framework and coordinate the academic management of research for the University as a whole in terms of the following:
    • Implement a strategy that relates to research
    • Encourage national and international collaborations in research
    • Organize extra-curricular research-based activities for faculty and students
    • Encourage faculty in Schools of Studies/Departments/Centres to engage in multi-disciplinary research, and forge strategic alliances and networks with other world-leading academic and research institutions for individual and institutional collaborative research and consultancy.
    • Promote internationally the strengths of the University
  • · Convene the Research Council meeting at least twice in a year for soliciting advice on policies for the conduct of research and steps to maintain suitable standards.
  • · Support researchers in the development of research facilities, research centres and research chairs.
  • · Undertake organizing creative thinking and writing workshops for incoming research scholars to orient themselves in writing skills.
  • · Inform faculty and research scholars about new and existing financing initiatives of research.
  • · Provide guidance to faculty for submitting grant applications to potential funding agencies.
  • · Maintain a record of the national and international level major/minor research projects of the faculty and encourage/coordinate for its timely completion/or extension, if necessary.
  • · Maintain a record about the progress of national and international level agreements, collaborations and MoUs that the University has entered and monitor the progress.
  • · Maintain a database regarding faculty expertise in their respective subjects.
  • · Encourage faculty to form successful collaborative research groups that integrate and support individual, community-based, and team-based programs of research.
  • · Provide and facilitate mentorship of research-active faculty.
  • · Disseminate and implement good research practices across the faculty.