Guidelines for Condemnation/Scrapping & Disposal of ICT Products/Equipments  (New)


Adhoc Network And Internet Use Policy

The University uses computers as one way of enhancing its mission to teach the skills, knowledge and behaviors’ staff/students will need as successful and responsible individuals in the community and as life-long learners. Computers provide unequalled opportunities to explore and use a varied and exciting set of resources. In order to make these resources available to everyone, those who use the University’s available technology must do so in a way that is consistent with their educational mission. These rules are intended to provide general guidelines and examples of prohibited computer and Internet uses, but do not attempt to state all required or prohibited activities by users. Failure to comply with the Maulana Azad National Urdu University Network and Internet Use Policy and these rules may result in loss of computer and Internet privileges, and/or legal and disciplinary action.

A. Network/Internet Use Is A Privilege, Not A Right

Staff/Student use of the University networks and Internet services is a privilege, not a right. No person will deliberately or willfully cause damage to computer equipment or assist another in doing the same. Unacceptable use/activity may result in suspension or cancellation of privileges as well as additional disciplinary action and/or legal action. The Director CIT shall have final authority to decide whether a staff/student’s privileges will be denied or revoked.

B. Acceptable Use

Staff/Student access to the University, networks and Internet services are provided for educational purposes and research consistent with the University’s educational mission, curriculum and instructional goals. The same rules and expectations govern staff/student use of computers as apply to other staff/student conduct and communication. Staff/Students are further expected to comply with these rules and all specific instructions from the Faculty or to his/her supervising staff member/volunteer when accessing the University networks and Internet services.

C. Discipline To Exercised

  • Obey Indian Cyber Crime & State laws holistically;
  • Respect other users’ use of IT resources;
  • Run up-to-date antivirus software;
  • and Apply the latest security patches to all your software and devices.

D. Prohibited Use Of Network Resources

The user is responsible for his/her actions and activities involving University networks and Internet services, and for his/her computer files, passwords and accounts. Examples of unacceptable uses that are expressly prohibited include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Accessing Inappropriate Materials – Accessing, submitting, posting, publishing, forwarding, downloading, scanning or displaying materials that are defamatory, abusive, obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, sexually suggestive, threatening, discriminatory, harassing and/or illegal;
  • Illegal Activities– Using the University computers, networks and Internet services for any illegal activity or that violates other Board policies, procedures and/or University rules; Students are not allowed to start private websites , take part in business related online activities or post advertisements; The disseminating of computer viruses, Trojan horse programs, the installation of cookies or other data collection devices or devices that can be used by hackers, or software that can attack the computer system; Attempting to access restricted areas, or doing anything that restricts other people’s ability to use the internet; It is strictly prohibited to use the internet to interfere with, or disturb other users; software designed to do that, reroute information or break into other people’s accounts; Hacking other people’s main systems or databases, carrying out piracy, tampering with other people’s information and or disseminating private information; All the information that can be retrieved from the internet, which belongs to other people or organizations, unless clearly marked as “ public” or unless you have the written permission of the owner, must not be downloaded or transferred in any way; The installation and use of software: Any software installed on the campus’s internet nodes must be legally obtained; Illegally obtained software should not be installed stored or used within MANUU’s network and Internet system.
  • Violating Copyrights– Copying/downloading/distributing copyrighted material without the owner’s permission;
  • Plagiarism– Representing as one’s own work any material obtained on the Internet (such as research papers, term papers, articles, etc). When Internet sources are used in student work, the author, publisher and Web site must be identified;
  • Copying Software/Media Files– Copying or downloading software without the express authorization of the system administrator; illegally downloading music, photos, movies or other such files;
  • Non-University Related Uses– Using the University computers, networks and Internet services for NonUniversity-related purposes such as private financial gain; commercial, advertising or solicitation purposes;
  • Misuse of Passwords/Unauthorized Access– 1) Sharing passwords, using other users’ passwords without permission and/or accessing other user accounts; 2) Do not use other users’ accounts; and Do not try to gain unauthorized access to data or resources.
  • Malicious Use/Vandalism– Any malicious use, disruption or harm to the University computers, networks and Internet services, including but not limited to hacking activities and creation/uploading of computer viruses.

E. No Expectation of Privacy

The University retains control, custody, and supervision of all computers, networks and Internet services owned or leased by the University. The University reserves the right to monitor all computer and Internet activity by staff /students. Staff/Students have no expectation of privacy in their use of University computers, including email and stored files. Each person will respect the rights of others to the protection of the files they store on a computer and will not alter or damage such files.

F. Compensation for Losses, Costs and/or Damages

The student and/or the student’s parent/guardian shall be responsible for compensating the University for any losses, costs or damages incurred by the University related to the violations of the Maulana Azad National Urdu University Student Computer and Internet Use Policy 2013-2014 and/or these rules, including investigation of violations.

G. University Assumes No Responsibility for Unauthorized Charges, Costs, or Illegal Use

The University assumes no responsibility for any unauthorized charges made by staff/students, including but not limited to credit cards charges, long distance telephone charges, equipment and line costs, or for any illegal use of its computers such as copyright violations.

H. Validity

All user names and password to access MANUU network and Internet services will be valid for one academic year (only for students); and All users will be allowed to log-in on only one device at a particular point of time.