Adab-o-Saqafat is a prestigious Biannual Research & Refereed Journal, started in September 2015 and published by the Centre for Urdu Culture Studies (CUCS), Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU), Hyderabad. It is a peer-reviewed literary and cultural journal which pays special attention to literature as well as cultural issues. The main aim of the journal is to encourage research and criticism in Urdu literature and to bring the cultural elements to the fore. In addition, it also aims to strengthen national unity and integrity, with a focus on composite culture, costumes, tradition, values, and folk literature and culture. Renowned scholars and writers contribute their writings and research papers regularly. Adab-o-Saqafat also has the honor of being included in the UGC Care List of Journals. Due to its superior quality and excellence, this magazine has a high position and a unique identity in the Urdu World.

Adab-o-Saqafat was launched in April 2015, Prof. Mohd Zafaruddin, Director (CUCS), being the first editor of the research journal. Presently, Adab-o-Saqafat is being published under the editorship of Prof. Shahid Naukhez Azmi, Director, CUCS.

Prof. Shahid Naukhez Azmi is serving as the Professor & Director of "Centre for Urdu Culture Studies" MANUU, Hyderabad. He has served, eminently, as the Head of the Department (Persian), MANUU, Hyderabad, for several years with his academic and research excellence. He has authored 26 books in various fields of Urdu and Persian Literature. Along with this, he has penned down more than 98 research articles, which have been published in various research journals. He has carried out various Academic Research Projects and accomplished successfully. Additionally, 10 PhD and 10 M. Phil works have been supervised under his able guidance.

He has been awarded the Sadi International Award (Govt. of Iran) in 2023 and the National Honor, Maharishi Badrayan Veyas Samman (Govt. of India) in 2012.

Prof. Azmi’s edited and translation works on Dara Shikoh, “Diwan-e-Dara Shikoh” and “Maktub-e-Dara Shikoh” , are considered amongst the outstanding works of literary merit, which denotes his contribution to Persian and Urdu literature. His prolific Urdu translation of Dewan-E-Dara Shikoh( Persian) is published by NCPUL, Education Ministry of India in 2021. One of the major UGC research project on "Chandrabhan Barahman " and various Urdu academic projects are highly appreciated onto the literary horizon of translations. The "Letters of Dara Shikoh" is a rare Persian manuscript which he has translated in Urdu, and many rare aspects were discussed to reveal its significance as an authentic source for medieval Indian researches.