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Five Day Online Workshop on Developing Thinking Skills

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Event Name :  Five Day Online Workshop on Developing Thinking Skills

Event Start Date :  06.02.2023

 Event End Date :  10.02.2023

Event Type :   Online Workshop

Event Organizing Department:   CPDUMT

Event Timing : 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm


Registration Fees:  Rs. 200/- (Non-refundable)


  • Prof.  Syed Ainul Hasan, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, MANUU
  • Prof. Sk. Ishtiaque Ahmed,  Registrar, MANUU
  • Prof. Siddiqui Mohd. Mahmood, Dean, School of Education & Training, MANUU



  • Dr. Mohd. Akbar, Assistant Professor, CPDUMT, MANUU  
  • Dr. Misbahul Anzar, Assistant Professor, CPDUMT, MANUU  
  • Prof. Mohammed Abdul Sami Siddiqui, Director, CPDUMT, MANUU  
  • Coordinator: Dr. Sameena Basu, Assistant Professor, DDE, MANUU, Hyd.