College of Teacher Education - Bhopal
College of Teacher Education - Bhopal
College of Teacher Education - Bhopal
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Prof. Noushad Hussain

Prof. Noushad Hussain


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A teacher can never truly teach unless he is still learning himself. A lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame. The teacher who has come to the end of his subject, who has no living traffic with his knowledge but merely repeats his lesson to his students, can only load their minds, he cannot quicken them.

-Rabindranath Tagore

According to William Arthur Ward, “A mediocre teacher tells, good teacher explains, superior teacher demonstrates and an excellent teacher inspires”. The College of Teacher Education runs its teacher education programs on the philosophy of “Preparing Excellent and Humane Teachers”, one which the teachers and staff are working after tirelessly to achieve.


In this light, present teacher education programs of the college have been prepared with the intention that our prospective teachers, after as going through our rigorous and robust programs become future professionals who can face any kind of challenges of the classrooms with ease.

To make the teacher education program reach these heights, the programmes are a blend of theoretical as well as practical inputs wherein teacher-interns are given lots of opportunities -- both within the classroom as well as in the field -- to test the theoretical inputs so that they can develop realistic understanding of them. There are also opportunities for teacher-interns to showcase their abilities and talents on the various forums available in the college. They range from cultural to literary to annual festivals and sports and games.

I welcome all the prospective teachers to join in the bandwagon of professional teachers who can make the difference.


(Prof. Noushad Husain)

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