Department of History
شعبہ تاریخ
Department of History
شعبہ تاریخ
Department of History
شعبہ تاریخ
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Dr. Danish Moin

ڈاکٹر دانش معین

صدر شعبہ و اسوسی ایٹ پروفیسر

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Phone :91 9527996163

Research Publication of ڈاکٹر دانش معین

Books / Catalogues/ Edited:

  • Coins of the Delhi Sultanate, IIRNS Publications, Nasik (1999). 81-86786-04-X
  • Coinage of Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan, A typological Studies, IIRNS Publications, Nasik (2003). ISBN. 81-86786-15-5
  • Catalogue of Medieval Coins in Assam State Museum, Guwahati (Silver and Copper coins of Sultanate, Mughal and British Period). Directorate of Museums Assam, Guwahati , 2010.

Compiled Book:

  • Medieval Indian Coins: Coinage of Bengal Sultans by G.S.Farid. IIRNS Publications, Nasik, 2002, ISBN-81-86786-13-9

Associate Editor of Research Journal:

  • Associate Editor, Numismatic Digest Vols. 32-33(combined) (2008-2009), IIRNS Publications Pvt. Ltd. Nasik. ISBN. 978-81-86786-29-1
  • Associate Editor, Numismatic Digest 34-35 (combined) (2010-2011), IIRNS Publications Pvt. Ltd. Nasik. ISBN. 978-81-86786-32-1
  •  Associate Editor, Numismatic Digest Vols. 36-37 (combined) (2012-2013), IIRNS Publications Pvt. Ltd. Nasik. 978-81-86786-36-9
  • Associate Editor, Numismatic Digest 38 (2014), IIRNS Publications Pvt. Ltd. Nasik. 978-81-86786-37-6

I (a) Un-published work:

  • A Catalogue of a Collection of Pencil Rubbings of Coins (A catalogue of 500 medieval coins)

II. Research Paper:

  •  Dr. Danish Moin,Understanding Adoption and Diffusion of Culture in the Light of Medieval Indian Numismatics,Samskrti Sandhana,2018 ,0974-1526
  • Dr. Danish Moin,Mints And Coinage Of Akbar From Rajasthn,The journal of the Numismatics Society of India Vol. LXXXI, Part-I&II ,2019 ,0029-6066
  • Dr. Danish Moin,Book Review:Coin Hoards of the Bengal Sultans 1205-1576 AD from West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and Bangladesh by Sutapa Sinha,Journal of the Asiatic Society, Volume LX number 4, 2018,2019 ,0368-3308
  • Dr. Danish Moin, Mints and Coinage of Jahangir from Rajasthan ,An International Multidisciplinary Quarterly Research Journal
  • Inscription and Calligraphy on the Mughal and Safavid Coinage: A Comparative Studies.” In Radhika Seshan (Ed.) Narrative Routes and Intersection in Pre-Modern Asia (pp157-175) Routledge Taylor and Francis , ISBN978-1-138-28286-5, 2017.
  • Persian Inscription and Islamic Coinage Tradition of India: A Numismatics View. In Muhammad Nazrul Bari (Ed.) Enduring Civilizational Encounter A Study of Indo- Persian Relation (pp. 91-105), Manak Publisher, New-Delhi. ISBN 978-93-7831- 410-0, 2016.
  • Mughal Silver Coins Hoard from Chaklohal, Malegaon, Maharashtra State- Circulation pattern of Mughal In Ayub Ali (Ed,) Studies in Medieval Deccan History (14th-17th century) M.A. Nayeem Festschrift, (pp. 240-243), Deccan History Society, Warangal. 2015.
  • Coinage Tradition of Medieval Deccan, Numismatica Indica, Festschrift to D. Raja Reddy, Edited by Prof. P. Chenna Reddy, pp.197-200, New Delhi. 2011.
  • Decorative Art on Mughal and Sultanate Coins, Numismatic Digest, vol. 34-35 (combined) 2010-2011.
  • A Copper Coin of Murad Baksh from Surat, IIRNS Newsline Issue no. 47
  • A Rare Coin of Ahmed Shah III of Bahamani Sultanate (with Milind Patel), IIRNS Newsline Issue , 2000
  • A Copper Coin of Jahandar Shah from Sholapur Mint, IIRNS Newsline Issue 33. , 2002
  • Imtiazgadh: A New Mint of Kam Baksh, IIRNS Newsline Issue Oct. 2001.
  • An Unpublished Gold coin of Jalaluddin Muhammad of Bengal, IIRNS Newsline Issue. 24.1999
  • Art of Islamic Calligraphy on Indian Coins, published in the appendix section of Numismatic Art of India by B.N. Mukharjee, New- Delhi, 2007.
  • Art and Artistic Design on Medieval Indian Coins, Purva Prakash in Commemoration volume of Z.A. Desai, ((eds. I.K.Sharma, M.I.Quddusi, vol.ii), New Delhi, 2003“
  • The Khalifah (Caliph) and Medieval Indian Coins, Purva Prakash in Commemoration volume of Z.A.Desai, (eds. I.K.Sharma, M.I.Quddusi, vol.ii), New Delhi,
  • Inscriptions on Medieval Indian Coins; An Analysis, Medieval Indian Coinage Social and Economic (ed. Amiteshwar Jha), IIRNS Publications, Nasik 2001.
  • Coins of Deccan Sultanates: Some observations, Numismatic Studies VI, New Delhi., 2001
  • A New Copper coins of Murarrao Ghorpade from Gooty Mint (with Dilip Balsekar),Studies in South Indian Coins, vol. 10, 2000.
  • Square Copper Coin of Ibrahim Adil Shah II: A Calligraphic Study, Studies in South Indian Coins. Vol. VII, 1997.
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  • A Rare Quarter Rupee of Jahangir (with Dilip Balsekar) Numismatic Digest XIX, 1995.
  • Mughal Silver Coins from Yeola: A hoard Study (with Dilip Balsekar) Numismatic Digest XVIII, 1994.
  • Coins of Baz Bahadur (with Dilip Balsekar), Numismatic Digest, vol. XVII, 1993.

 III. Articles:

  • Animal Motif on Islam Shah’s Coins Numismatic Panorama, Essays in the Memory of Late Shri S. Shukla (ed. K. K. Maheshwari and Biswajeet Rath), Harman Publishing House, New Delhi. 1994
  • Bibliography entitled A Subject Index to coin Noting in IIRNS Newsline (Issue 1 to 15) IIRNS Newsline Issue 16, 1997
  • A Tiny Copper Coin of Ibrahim Adil Shah II (with P. P. Prabhune), IIRNS Newsline, Issue 7.,1995.
  • Rama on Baroda Coins (with Dilip Balsekar ), IIRNS Newsline Issue 10, 1996.
  • A New Mint of Shah Alam II( Dilip P. Balsekar and L. B. Varma) IIRNS Newsline Issue 11, 1996.
  • Tanka-i-Akbar Shahi: A Note on Denomination IIRNS Newsline 13. 1997.
  • A Silver coin of Akbar from Ahmadnagar mint with the world Rama in Devanagari (with Rajesh L. Verma), IIRNS Newsline.
  • Small Denomination Silver Coin of Muhammad Shah II Bahamani (with Rajesh Verma), IIRNS Newsline Issue.18., 1998
  • Dating Problem on Medieval Indian IIRNS Newsline Issue. 19, 1998
  • An Unpublished Coin die of Bahadur Shah of Gujarat (with M. K.Gupta), IIRNS Newsline Issue, 2000
  • A Copper coin of Akbar from Ahmadnagar Mint (with Sanjay Sahdev), IIRNS Newsline Issue no. 35. 2002.
  • An Unpublished Coin Die of Muhammad bin Tughluq (with K.Gupta)IIRNS Newsline no. 37, 2003
  • Copper Coins of Burhan Nizam Shah I (with Chandmal P.Verma), IIRNS Newsline Issue no. 40., 2003
  • Mughal Coins; Some observation, In the Souvenir COINEX, Pune
  • “Some Interesting Mughal Coins” (with Rajesh L..Verma), IIRNS Newsline Issue no. 52-53., 2006-07 (combined)

IV. Book Reviews:

  • Coins of Jahangir Creation of a Numismatist by Andrew V. Liddle, Numismatic Digest vols. 36-37(combined), 2012-2013.
  • The Coins of Indian Sultanates by Stan Goron and P.Goenka, Numismatic Digest vol.25-26 (combined), 2001-2002.
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  • Yadgar-e-Char Sau Salah Taqerib Shahr-e-Haiderabad Deccan Catalogue Asaf Jahi Sikke Waighjaira aur Kaghazi Currency Mokhtasar Tarikh 1724 Ta 1947 (by Amjad Ali) in IIRNS Newsline, Issue 3, 1994
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  • Coins of Medieval India by Pratip Kumar Mitra and Sutapa Sinha, New Delhi Numismatic Digest 20 (1996). Also published in IIRNS Newsline Issue 15 (July 1997).