شعبہ سوشل ورک
شعبہ سوشل ورک
شعبہ سوشل ورک
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Prof. Mohd Shahid

پروفیسر محمد شاہد


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Phone :040-23008437,9958222106

Educational Qualifications:Ph.D. (Social Work)

Research Interests:

My areas of interest are social work education; hegemony and marginalized groups; politics of language, common sense and cultural violence. I specialize in RCH (reproductive and child health), minorities, and the politics of development. Currently, I am e

Profile of پروفیسر محمد شاہد

Prof. Mohd. Shahid  areas of interest are social work education; hegemony and marginalized groups; politics of language, common sense and cultural  violence. He specializes in RCH (reproductive and child health), minorities, and the politics of development. Currently, he is experimenting with the theoretical frameś of hegemony, commonsense and structural violence. Methodologically, he is inclined to qualitative research and participatory techniques apart from survey research.

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