Pharmacy is well equipped with all necessary medicines, injections, surgical products, disposables, IV fluids etc. We have two pharmacists working from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm, one senior pharmacist with 13 years of experience, and one junior pharmacist with 4 years of experience in University Health Centre,Manuu.

Pharmacy provides the medicines to students, staff and their dependents free of cost. We cater to about 150 to 200 patients per day.

Medicines are purchased by the University through tender system by purchase committee the pharmacist check the medicines for long expiry dates. Medicines are issued to the patients as per the prescription, following in the first in first out basis rule. All the issued medicines are entered in the register and signed by the receiver (Patients).

Stock register are maintained on daily and monthly basis checked regularly by I/c Medical officer. List for procurement of medicines is prepared well in advance as per routine procedures and forwarded to higher authorities by Medical officer I/c.