IQAC Initiatives

Appointments of Coordinators

IQAC, MANUU has initiated monitoring mechanism for the implementation of quality achieving strategies in the University, by appointing coordinators for IQAC from all the department of studies, directorates, centres, colleges of teacher education, off- campuses, polytechnics, ITIs, model schools, and administrative, academic & developmental sections of the University.

Feedback System

IQAC has developed an online proforma of the student feedback to gather information from the students about the programmes of their study, curriculum, teaching methodology, availability of learning resources in the University in order to assess the quality of teaching and learning in the University. The feedback is provided to every teacher of the University so that they bring improvement in their courses and teaching. The identity of the students has been concealed from the teachers. This is done through providing feedback form on the iUMS dashboard of every student, and the report of the feedback with the open comments to the respective teachers on their iUMS dashboard. The entire programme has been maintained by Centre for Information technology (CIT), MANUU. At the end of each semester before the semester examination, the feedback form is provided to every student on their iUMS. This system had been introduced and implemented with the 2018 December semester examination; since then, the system has been in place and the feedback is conveyed to all the concerned for reflection and improvement.

Display and Discussion of the Answer Scripts

One of the biggest achievements of IQAC was the implementation of the scheme of displaying answer scripts to the students in regular mode examination. The IQAC and the Examination Branch, MANUU devised a procedure to display the answer scripts and hold discussions with the students, right after the evaluation. Once the answer scripts to the students are shown by the teachers, then the results are declared. This has been successfully implemented from May 2019 semester examinations for all the regular programmes in MANUU. In this regard a workshop in April 2019 was also conducted. The purpose behind introduction of this system is to raise the quality of teaching-learning, measure the learning outcomes appropriately and achieve absolute transparency in evaluation.

Offices of Dean, Research & Consultancy and Dean, International Students

On the recommendation of IQAC an office of the Dean, Research and Consultancy was set up, wherein all the efforts are channelized to achieve the research objectives of the University. Likewise, an Office of the Dean International Students was created to attract and enhance the admissions of international students, and promote the research activities of MANUU at international level.