MANUU Alumni Associations

Alumni Association of MANUU

Article I. Name;

The Name of the Association shall be “Alumni Association of MANUU” (here in after referred to as AAM or The Association).

Article II. Seat of AAM Office;

The seat and office of The Association shall be located at MANUU Headquarters, in Hyderabad, Telangana and operations of The Association shall be carried out through this office.

Article III. Broad Vision Perspective;

Alumni Association of MANUU (AAM) has been created to develop a linkage between the University and its Alumni by Creating its Network. AAM shall provide a platform for meeting and interaction between distinguished Alumni and students of the University.

In the process of bringing MANUU on the world map, the role of AAM is vital. The vision and mission of the AAM is to facilitate and provide opportunities for an interface between the University and its alumni to remain connected and help them on an ongoing basis in their various endeavors and to enable them to be part of a network of batch-mates, seniors, juniors and current students irrespective of location.

All present and past students from all academic programs of MANUU of all campuses shall be integral part of the network and a comprehensive and dynamic database of all of them is envisioned for an effective communication link by alumni Association of MANUU.

The Alumni Meet will be, inter alia, an academic-o-cultural exercise in the form of lectures, special & extension lectures, seminars, cultural programs and endowment programs, interaction with current students, wherein the alumni will also share their professional, academic and other achievements, and offer guidance to their juniors. Their involvement and feedback will also help departments of studies to enrich & customize the curriculum and pedagogical aspects suitable to job market needs. AAM may develop a corpus fund with the contribution from Alumni to help the Alma mater in developing better facilities for students.

Whether you graduated a year or eighteen years ago, you will have lifelong networking of Alumni Association of MANUU for various opportunities, such as;

  1. Be Connected; you may enjoy a shared connection of personal and professional acquaintances and update your information!
  2. Be Informed; Stay up-to-date with everything happening in & around MANUU community!
  3. Be Involved; it’s no fun to be on the outside and getting an opportunity for looking in as well as getting involved!
  4. Be Complete; Explore all of the benefits of being an alumnus of MANUU!
  5. Be a Donor; your generosity today helps open up a whole new tomorrow for many!