MANUU Alumni Associations

Article V. Eligibility for Membership

The Membership of AAM shall be open to the following categories:

5.1: There shall be three categories of members: 1. Alumni Members,     2.   Associate Members and      3.  Honorary Members.

5.2: Alumni members will be those who have been full-time former students  of MANUU and have acquired a graduate/ post-graduate or M.Phil./Ph.D. Degree/s from MANUU;

5.3: Also, those who have worked in MANUU as a post-doctoral fellow for at least two years in continuity;

5.4: Associate members shall include those alumni who have done certificate and  Diploma courses.

5.5: Honorary membership may be conferred by vote of the Alumni General Body upon those persons, who have rendered distinguished service or have  achieved unusual recognition in relationship to MANUU.