MANUU Alumni Associations

Article X. Vacancies and Expulsions;

10.1: Vacancies:      In case of a vacancy arising in the EC, the same may be filled       i) by nomination, in case the remaining period of the EC is less than 6 months;        ii) by election, in case the remaining period of EC is 6 months or more.

10.2: Expulsions: In case a member is found to work against the interest (s) of AAM  or is found  involved in serious misbehavior, he/she may be suspended by the Executive Committee of AAM, after serving him/her Show Cause Notice and providing opportunity to explain his/her conduct keep principles of natural justice in view. This would be subject to further consideration of the next General Body meeting which may decide to revoke the suspension or expel him/her from the EC or the primary membership of AAM for a period specified by the GBM.