MANUU Alumni Associations

Article VIII. General Body;

8.1: The General Body, consisting of all the registered members of AAM, shall be the supreme body of The Association and shall meet at least once in a year at Headquarters, Hyderabad.

8.2: One tenth of the total membership will form the quorum of the General Body meeting. In case, there is no quorum at the prescribed date, time and venue of the meeting, the meeting shall be adjourned and shall be resumed after 30 minutes when no quorum will be required.

8.3: PROVIDED THAT in case of the meeting meant for carrying out any amendment in the Constitution of AAM, there must be a quorum of one sixth of the membership at the beginning of the meeting and then the amendment(s) may be carried out with two third of the members present and voting in favor of the amendment(s).

8.4: The General Body shall have the power to consider and decide all matters relating to AAM and provide a broad policy framework towards the functioning of AAM.

8.5: The General Body shall also elect an “Executive Committee” (hereinafter referred to as “E.C.”) to carry on with the activities of AAM. The tenure of the elected E.C. will be two years, from the date on which it assumes the charge.

8.6: All the registered members of AAM will have voting rights and will be eligible to be elected to the Executive Committee. No member should be elected to EC for more than two terms consecutively.

8.7: The agenda of the meeting shall be prepared by the General Secretary, with the approval of the Executive Committee. However, the members of General Body can also get an item(s) on agenda included by making a written request well in advance or by raising the point at the end of the meeting, under “Any Other Item with the permission of the Chair”.