MANUU Alumni Associations

Article IX. Executive Committee;

9.1: The management of AAM shall be vested in an Executive Committee comprising of eleven members elected online by the General Body for two years. Online election will be conducted by the Office of Dean Alumni Affairs prior to the expiry of two years term of office bearers of AAM.

9.2: It shall meet as many times as it may deem fit to carry out effectively the activities of AAM; provided that it shall meet at least twice a year.

9.3: The composition of EC shall be as under:

  1. President (One)
  2. Vice President (One)
  3. General Secretary (One)
  4. Joint Secretary (One)
  5. Treasurer (One)
  6. Members (Six)
  7. Dean, Alumni Affairs, MANUU (ex-officio member, without voting right)

9.4: PROVIDED THAT those who are office-bearers of any employees/staff  association of MANUU or are part of MANUU administration shall not be members in the Executive Committee  of AAM.