MANUU Alumni Associations

Article XII. Duties and powers of the Office Bearers;

(A) President
  1.  The President shall be the custodian of the property and interests of The Association and shall have all the powers to manage and promote the ‘Aims and Objectives’ of The Association, in accordance with this Constitution and the Rules to be framed hereunder.
  2. He/she shall decide the date, time and venue of the meeting(s) in consultations with the General Secretary, and accordingly the General Secretary shall convene the meetings of EC/ General Body/ Extra ordinary meeting/requisitioned meeting.
    PROVIDED THAT in case a requisition is made for the meeting of the  General Body, he/she must take a decision fixing the date, time and venue, within fifteen days of the receipt of the request in this regard.
  3. He/she shall preside over the meetings of EC, General Body and the Extra Ordinary/ Requisitioned meetings of the Association.
    PROVIDED THAT while presiding over the meetings, he/she will have “Casting Vote” only.
  4.  In case of any ambiguity in the interpretation of any clause or sub-clause of AAM the interpretation decided by the majority of the EC members shall be operative.
  5. The President or the Secretary will be co-signatory with the treasurer for issuing cheques and the President will also be a co-signatory for the annual statement of the account of the Association, Annual report of the Association and the Annual Budget.
(B) Vice President
  1. In the absence of President, Vice President shall exercise all the powers and functions of the President
  2. He/she shall perform such other duties and functions as may be entrusted to him by the EC.
(C) General Secretary
  1.  The General Secretary shall carryout the decisions of the EC and General Body of The Association.
  2.  He/she shall convene the meetings of the EC, General Body and Special/requisitioned meetings, as per the date, time and venue in consultation with the President and shall record the minutes of the meetings.
  3. He/she shall maintain the Register of names, addresses and occupations of the AAM and EC members.
  4. The General Secretary shall make all correspondences, and coordinate the preparation and distribution of publications of The Association.
  5. He/she shall maintain all the records, documents minutes of the meetings of the General Body, EC and Annual Reports etc.
  6. He/she shall be a co-signatory with the Treasurer in financial matters such as Annual Statements of Accounts, Annual Budget and cheques etc. and shall ensure the audit of accounts of The Association carried out by the Auditor, appointed by the EC.
  7. He/she shall prepare Annual Report of the Association, every year, for presenting in the meetings of EC and General Body.
(D) Joint Secretary
  1. The Joint Secretary shall work with the General Secretary in the management of The Association.
  2. The Joint Secretary shall act for the General Secretary in his/her absence.
  3. He/she shall also perform such duties and functions as may be entrusted to him/her by the EC.
(E) Treasurer
  1.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance of the financial records and accounts of The Association.
  2.  The Treasurer shall operate the funds of The Association jointly with the General Secretary/President.
  3.  He/she shall be a co-signatory with the General Secretary / President in financial matters such as Annual Statements of Accounts, Annual Budget and cheques etc.
  4. He/she shall prepare and present the Annual Budget, Annual Statement of Accounts in the meetings of the EC / General Body.