MANUU Alumni Associations

Article XVIII. General Body Meeting;

  1.  At least one meeting of The Association shall be held during each calendar year which will be called ‘Alumni General Body Meeting’ by giving 45 days notice with the agenda of such meetings to all the members and also specifying the date, time and venue. The detailed agenda note, if required may follow.
  2.  Other ‘General’ or ‘Extra ordinary’ meetings of General Body may be called by the General Secretary in consultation with the President by giving 14 days prior notice along with the agenda of such meeting to all the members and also specifying the date, time and venue.
  3. The General Body meeting/ Extra-ordinary meeting can also be requisitioned by making written/on line request, by at least 50 members. Such a request to be addressed to the President of the Association and he/she on receipt of such a request shall ask the General Secretary to convene the requisitioned meeting within a month.
  4. One tenth of the total members should be the quorum required for the meeting. In case, there is no quorum at the prescribed time, date and venue, the meeting may be adjourned and may be resumed after 30 minutes when no quorum would be required. However, in case of the meeting which may have Amendment(s) in the Constitution of AAM on its agenda, the quorum of one sixth of the total members of AAM, would be required even when the adjourned meeting is resumed after 30 minutes.
  5. The minutes of the meetings, recorded by the General Secretary, shall also be signed by the President and circulated to all the members, within one month of the meeting, either by placing it on the website of AAM or by sending it through e-mails or both. Objections, if any, may be communicated by the member(s) to the General Secretary within a month.
  6. The minutes of the previous meeting should be placed in the next meeting by the General Secretary for confirmation, along with a brief action taken report on those points on which action by the EC may be require.
Article XIX. Call for AAM Meetings and Decision Making;

The meetings of The Association mentioned herein above under clause 9, 13 and 15 shall be convened in the manner as specified therein. However, emergency meetings may be called at a shorter notice as determined by the Executive Committee. All the decisions in The Association or EC meetings will be taken by majority of votes of the members present and voting. In case of equal voting the President will have the casting vote.

Article XX. Dean Alumni Affairs and AAM;

The Dean (Alumni Affairs) appointed/nominated by the Vice Chancellor (MANUU) and shall be the ex-officio member of the EC and shall form an official link between the MANUU fraternity and the AAM in furthering the purposes of AAM. He/she should be preferably a former student of MANUU who is serving in AAM in his/her capacity as a faculty or academic staff member.