MANUU Alumni Associations

Article XI. Powers and Functions of the Executive Committee;

The Executive Committee shall have the following powers and functions:

11.1: It shall have the power to nominate MANUU Alumni as Special invitees. These special invitees shall have no voting rights in EC.

11.2: All decisions in the EC will be taken by simple majority of the members present and voting, except in case of disciplinary action against a member which will be decide by the two third of the members present and voting;

11.3: The agenda of the meeting shall be prepared by the General Secretary, with the approval of The President. However, the members of EC can also get an item(s) on agenda included by making a written request in advance.

11.4: The EC shall have financial powers to carry out its activities, subject to the  provision in the Annual Budget placed before the General Body. The EC shall have the powers to (i) open a bank account; (ii) to receive and spend money and to maintain proper accounts.

11.5: The EC shall frame Rules and Guidelines under this Constitution for AAM as well as for the Chapters of AAM.