MANUU Alumni Associations

Article VII. Rights and Privileges of the Members;

The Members of AAM or the Association:

7.1: Will be provided an alumni photo-identity card with the membership number inscribed on it.

7.2: Will have privilege to use the infra-structural facilities like MANUU library, sports complex, gymnasium, canteens, convention halls, guest  house and other general facilities that are accessible to the MANUU fraternity on payment of the applicable fee, if any.

7.3: Will have the privilege of participating in conferences, seminars, cultural activities, memorial lectures etc. organized by MANUU.

7.4: Will have the privilege to obtain a temporary car sticker upon request as per the applicable rules.

7.5: Will have a complimentary subscription to MANUU News Magazine        Al - kalam upon request.

PROVIDED THAT the Vice Chancellor of MANUU shall be “Ex-officio Patron of AAM” and in that capacity shall enjoy all the privileges of a member. However, he/she will not have the voting rights in any of the meetings of The Association;

PROVIDED FURTHER THAT the Dean Alumni Affairs should be preferably a faculty member and a former student of MANUU and a member of AAM.